How It Works

Arrive with Dirty Baby


When you arrive with your dirty pet you and your baby will be greeted by our staff.  Don't be surprised if we bribe your cutie for affection with baby talk, love and treats.  Yes, that's how we roll.  If this is your first time at WetPetz you will be asked to complete a simple client profile so we can know everything we need to know to keep your pet healthy and happy.  We will give you a super quick tour of the facility so you feel comfortable.   

Select Your Spa Products


The Self Service Spa fee is based on the products you select.  All of our products are natural and luxurious.  Your selections are purely personal unless your pet has a skin condition, in which case we have a few products that we encourage you to use for your pet's best health and comfort. You will be equipped with great scented natural shampoo and , towels , eye/ear cleaner, aprons, professional blow dryers, colognes spritzers, and  grooming tools.

Have Good Clean Fun


Next comes the real fun!  You will be assigned a waist high tub with safe non-slip steps for your pet to use to get into the tub.    When you are ready we have everything you need to bath, clean eyes and ears, blow dry and brush your pup.  If you feel like you need a little professional help or bathing advice, let us know.  When your baby is all done being pampered leave the mess!  Our staff will be more than happy to clean up after your visit.   

Menu / Price List

Prices are subject to change and may be altered by management as needed.