We Do It Right

The proof is is the excited happy faces and wagging tails that walk in and out of out spa every day.  Our four legged friends are actually glad to see us! Imagine your pet being happy to go to the groomer!  That is because we don't just give your fur baby a first rate grooming, which we do, but we take the time to love your pet, reward and encourage him, play with her, make sure she enjoys the experience!  We would rather have six relaxed, happy and handsome pets leave our spa every day than forty stressed and frightened babies that never want to return.  We are good at what we do.  But more importantly we love what we do and we love your animals.  

Full Service Spa Treatment

Safety First


WetPetz uses extraordinary measures to keep your babies safe.  Safety is always the first and foremost priority! 



Every pet is different.  We have tried to cover all skin types with our array of natural shampoo's and conditioner's.  We are always open to new suggestions.

Drop Off & Pick Up


Drop off time will be scheduled when you make an appointment. We kindly ask that you please allow us the time to achieve the best results possible with your pet grooming. You will be notified when your baby is ready to come home.

New Clients


It is important to us to know your animal as well as we can.  We will ask you to provide as much information as you can about their past grooming experiences, good, bad, health and skin conditions. All Full-Service grooming clients must have updated vaccinations.  



Because we are not a grooming mill we can work with you and your pet to achieve the results you desire,  and make it a pleasant experience for all involved. 

The Puppy Speech


Puppies sometimes need a few visits to get the hang of it no matter how good we are.  We recommend that those puppies are brought in for increasingly more thorough grooming over a few weeks.  It is worth the effort to make sure your fur baby has a long term love for grooming at WetPetz.  We will complete as much of the full service grooming as we feel the puppy can tolerate and walk away with a positive memory of the experience.  We don't make as much money doing it this way but, this is another part of our commitment to doing it right. 

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